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Lakeview, Arkansas
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Lakeview Government and Utilities

Lakeview, with a population of almost 800, is governed by a mayor, recorder-treasurer, and a city council of six members. Located on the shores of beautiful Bull Shoals Lake, there is a beautiful city park of which the citizens are justly proud, and a large community of retirees who are anxious to offer their ideas and help in many fields.

You can reach the Lakeview City Hall at 870-431-8744 or email:


Electric service is provided by North Arkansas Electric Co-op, NAEC, 870-425-2141, or by Entergy, 800-368-3749.


Water is provided by the Lakeview Midway Public Water Authority, 870-431-8777. 

Natural Gas

There is no natural gas service available in Lakeview. However, propane is available from 

  • Amerigas  870-425-2121
  • Anderson's Propane 800-789-5549
  • Community LP Gas 870-488-5779
  • Empiregas 870-425-5141
  • Ozark County LP Gas 870-425-2737

Trash Collection

Trash collection is provided by either of two commercial services located in the area.

  • IESI 870-481-8600
  • RLH Inc. 870-425-3213

Fire Protection

Fire protection for the Lakeview area is provided by the Grover Township fire department.

ISO Fire Rating

Grover Township Fire Department serving Lakeview has a fire insurance rating of 4 from the Insurance Services Office, Inc. (ISO), based on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the best rating. Factors considered in the rating are numerous but include the community's fire services, such as water supply, storage capacity and flow, fire alarms, communications system, fire companies and their locations, and testing procedures. Residents may find out from their insurance companies exactly what dollar amount the ISO rating translates into.

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